1. Outstanding Single News Broadcast - Markets #38 and Larger

"Action News at 5" - WTAE-TV
Robert Longo, News Director

2. Outstanding Single News Broadcast - Market #39 and Smaller

“News 8 at 6:00” - WGAL-TV
Dan O’Donnell, News Director

3. Outstanding Morning Newscast

"Action News This Morning" - WTAE-TV
Robert Longo, News Director

4. Outstanding Sports Newscast

"Sportsnite" - Comcast SportsNet
Mark Jordan, News Director

5. Outstanding Spot News/Single Report - Same Day

“Little Girl Lost” - KDKA-TV
Ross Guidotti, Reporter
Aviva Radbord, Producer
Jeff Roupe, Photographer

6. Outstanding Spot News/Extended Coverage

"Tropicana Collapse" - FOX29
Sarah Graham, Producer
Luke Funk, Executive Producer
Dave Huddleston, Anchor
Dawn Stensland, Anchor

7. Outstanding General News/Single Report

"Last Vet Game" - FOX29
Bruce Gordon, Reporter
John Campbell, Photographer/Editor

8. Outstanding News Feature/Informational

“Directory Assistance Disasters” - WTAE-TV
Wendy Bell, Reporter

9. Outstanding News Feature/Entertainment or Human Interest

"The Whistleblower" - WHTM-TV
Kevin Henry, Reporter
Doug Legore, Photojournalist

10. Outstanding News Feature/Single Report - Same Day

“Wing Bowl Madness” - Comcast SportsNet
Sean Murphy, Reporter
Jerry Hines, Photojournalist

11. Outstanding News Feature/Series

"Unfinished Business, Parts 1 & 2" - WHTM-TV
Kevin Henry, Reporter
Deryk Thompson, Photographer

"Goodbye Vet" - FOX29
Bruce Gordon, Reporter
John Campbell, Photographer/Editor
Elaine Fisher, Photographer/Editor

12. Outstanding Sports News – Feature or Series

“Veteran’s Day” - WHTM-TV
Jon Stimets, Photographer
Nathan West, Photojournalist
Justin Raub, Photojournalist
Ed Fox, Photojournalist
Deryk Thompson, Photojournalist

13. Outstanding Health & Science News/Single Report

"Feast or Football" - WHTM-TV
Ali Lanyon, Reporter
Mike Rashid, Photojournalist

14. Outstanding Health & Science News/Series

"Carol’s Story" - CBS3
Stephanie Stahl, Reporter
Jennifer Coleman, Producer
Carol Erickson, Producer
Randall Scott, Editor
Andrea Korff, Reporter

15. Outstanding Service News – Feature or Series

“Hidden On Your Hard Drive” - CBS3
Lisa Santoro, Producer
Andrea Korff, Photographer
Paul Moriarty, Reporter

16. Outstanding Special Live News Coverage

"The Atlantic City Garage Collapse" - CBS3
Larry Mendte, Anchor
Christina Hagegeorge, Producer
Cara Grimm, Producer
Cydney Long, Reporter
Alan Wheeler, Photographer

17. Outstanding Investigative Journalism - Newscast or Programming

"Dirty Little Secret" - NBC10
Brandyn Bissinger, Producer
Dave Bentley, Photographer
James Simmons, Editor
Ed Dress, Producer
Lu Ann Cahn, Reporter

18. Outstanding Documentary Program

"Make A Joyful Noise: The Bach Choir of Bethlehem" - WLVT-TV
Amy Burkett, Producer
Jeff Chirico, Producer
Javier Diaz, Editor
Pat Simon, Pres. & CEO

19. Outstanding Health and Science Program

“Beating The Odds” - CBS3
Stephanie Stahl, Reporter
Ken Michaud, Executive Producer
Carol Rosenbaum, Writer/Producer

20. Outstanding Talk Program/One-Time Only Special

“Duty Bound: The Dick Winters Story” - WGAL-TV
Dick Hoxworth, Host

21. Outstanding Talk Program/Series

“Sports Connection” - CN8, The Comcast Network
Lou Tilley, Anchor
Pete Christy, Producer
Steve Kennedy, Producer
Gregg Murphy, Reporter
Mark Dudzinski, Director

22. Outstanding Entertainment Broadcast

“Best Summer Gig Ever” - NBC10
Dawn Timmeney, Anchor/Reporter
Tamela Knapp, Producer

23. Outstanding Magazine Format Broadcast

“On Q Magazine” - WQED-TV
Jocelyn Hough, Executive Producer
David Solomon, Supervising Producer
Alicia Schisler, Producer
Michael Bartley, Managing Editor

24. Outstanding Program Feature/Informational

“Young At Heart” - NJN Public Television
Eric Schultz, Producer

25. Outstanding Program Feature/Entertainment

“On Q: Row On For Brendan” - WQED Multimedia
Michael Bartley, Reporter
David Solomon, Producer
Paul Ruggieri, Photographer/Editor
Dave Forstate, Photographer

26. Outstanding Youth Programming

“NASA Sci Files” - Crewstone Technologies, Inc.
Lauren Yee, Senior Producer
Blair Allen, Producer

27. Outstanding Performing Arts Program

“Denyce Graves: Breaking The Rules” - WHYY, Inc.
Craig Hamilton, Executive Producer
Paul Gluck, Executive Producer
Pat Warner, Editor/Technical Director
Alan Skog, Director

28. Outstanding Cultural Program

“His Masters Voice: The Marvelous Talking Machine” - Teleduction, Inc.
Sharon Baker, Director

29. Outstanding Live Programming

“Bring in the Holidays at Longwood Gardens” - NBC10
Lawana Scales, Executive Producer
Bob Lopez, Director
Dan Sitarski, Producer
Bernadette Rivell, Graphic Designer
Phil Carroll, Videography/Editing

30. Outstanding Live Sports Coverage/One-Time Only Special

“The Final Salute: Farewell to Veterans Stadium” - Comcast SportsNet
Jon Slobotkin, Producer
Jeff Halikman, Associate Producer
Ray Tipton, Director
Max Negin, Video Coordinator
Greg Hecker, Production Manager

31. Outstanding Live Sports Coverage/Series

“Philadelphia Flyers Hockey” - Comcast SportsNet
Bryan Cooper, Executive Producer/Editor
Jim Jackson, Play-by-Play
Gary Dornhofer, Color Analyst
Steve Coates, Color Analyst

32. Outstanding Sports Program/One-Time Only Special

“Get Some Soul! Arena Football Comes to Philly”- NBC10
Colin Macaulay, Producer
Danielle Soyka, Producer

33. Outstanding Sports Series

“Center Court with Rene Portland” - WPSX-TV
Topher Yorks, Segment Director
Don Hampton, Segment Director
Jennifer Bortz, Audio Mix
Matt Chirdon, Graphic Design
Jud Mantz, Feature Editor

34. Outstanding Sports Feature/Programming

“Playground Build - 2003” - Eagles Television Network
Robert Alberino, Executive Producer
Richard Gentile, Producer
Dana Heberling. Editor

35. Public Affairs Program/One-Time Only Special

“The Final Round” - WB17
Steve Highsmith, Host/Writer
Matt Maiorano, Producer/Editor
Rob Gibson, Associate Producer
John Lucidon, Graphic Artist

“Philadelphia Mayoral Debate” - CN8
Brian McLendon, Dir. of Network Production
John Mussoni, News Director
Susan Carden, Executive Producer
Jon Gorchow, VP & GM
Liz Naughton, Producer

“One Year On Centre Avenue: David Johnson” - WPXI – TV
David Johnson, Reporter
Ward Hobbs, Photographer/Editor
Carrie Moniot, Producer
Patrick Maday, News Director

36. Outstanding Public Affairs Series

“Classroom Close-Up NJ” - NJN Public Television
Wanda Swanson, Executive Producer
Rich Renner, Series Producer
Kate Megargee, Segment Producer
John Barra, Segment Producer
Walt Wasdyke, Segment Producer

“Penn Vital Signs” - Daniel Brian & Associates
Dan Cobb, Creator
Todd Haight, Executive Producer
Michelle Brennan, Executive Producer
Corey Mendoza, Producer

37. Outstanding Community Outreach

“Unsung Heroes: Labor of Love” - WB17
Rachel Amara, Dir. of Community Affairs
Matt Maiorano, Producer/Photojournalist
Rachel Sparrow, Executive Producer

38. Outstanding Public Service Announcement

“Anti-Smoking PSA’s” - WPSX-TV
Topher Yorks, Producer/Director
Susanna Ritti, Client Services Manager

39. Outstanding Promotional Announcement

“Rise And Shine”- CBS3
Ken Michaud, Executive Producer
Larry Solitrin, Design Director
Don Stanton, Producer/Writer

40. Promotional Announcement Campaign

“CN8 Fall 2003 Image” - CN8,The Comcast Network
Larry Watzman, Vice President, Creative Services
Todd Ballantyne, Dir. of Network/Affiliate Promotions
Joseph Keefe, Promotion Group Manager
Greg Vermette, Editor
Melissa Kennedy, Dir. of Marketing Communications

41. Outstanding Production Design

“Phillies Open” - Comcast SportsNet
April Carty-Sipp, Dir. of Creative Services
Kris Magyarits, Creative/Art Director
Greg Hecker. Production Manager

42. Outstanding Music Composition

“Swing Batter” - Comcast SportsNet
April Carty-Sipp, Dir. of Creative Services
Len Miller, Composer

43. Outstanding Individual Achievement – Camera/News

Doug Legore, WHTM-TV

44. Outstanding Individual Achievement – Camera/Programming

Brad Nau, Comcast SportsNet

45. Outstanding Individual Achievement – Director

Richard Gentile, Eagles Television Network

46. Outstanding Individual Achievement – Editor/News

Doug Legore, WHTM-TV

47. Outstanding Individual Achievement – Editor/Promotion

Michael Murphy, FOX29

48. Outstanding Individual Achievement – Editor/Programming

Ron Schindlinger, Eagles Television Network

49. Outstanding Individual Achievement – Editor/Commercial

Billy Wood, Shooters Post & Transfer

50. Outstanding Individual Achievement – Graphic Artist, Animator

Ron Schindlinger, Eagles Television Network

51. Outstanding Individual Achievement – Host/Talk Program

Laura Jones, CN8, The Comcast Network

52. Outstanding Individual Achievement – Host/Magazine and Specials

Amy Freeze, NBC10

53. Outstanding Individual Achievement – Anchor/News

Larry Mendte, CBS3

54. Outstanding Individual Achievement – Anchor/Sports

Matt Yallof, Comcast SportsNet

55. Outstanding Individual Achievement – Reporter/Hard News

Bruce Gordon, FOX29

56. Outstanding Individual Achievement – Reporter/Feature News

Dave Crawley, KDKA-TV

57. Outstanding Individual Achievement – Reporter/Informational

Susan Koeppen, WTAE-TV

58. Outstanding Individual Achievement – Sports Play-By-Play or Color

Marc Zumoff, Comcast SportsNet

59. Outstanding Individual Achievement – Reporter/Sports

John Clark, NBC10

60. Outstanding Individual Achievement - Weathercaster

Paul Deanno, CBS3

61. Outstanding Individual Achievement – Writer/News

Larry Mendte, CBS3

62. Outstanding Individual Achievement – Writer/Programming

Holly Woodward, CN8, The Comcast Network

63. Outstanding Individual Achievement – Writer/Promotion

April Carty-Sipp, Comcast SportsNet

64 – No Entries – Writer/Commercial